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April 25, 2023
8:33 am

“Dear customer, good news for you! Dial…” I can bet you receive a message of this sort at least once or twice a week. You may wonder how these messages are sent considering the millions of subscribers these telecommunication companies have. How are they able to sustain the frequent delivery of these messages while keeping in touch with their customers? They must allocate a huge budget for communication then. To answer your questions, by using a Bulk SMS and Voice Messaging Provider, your company can send out bulk messages too.

Conversely, bulk SMS is a relatively frugal means of sending a large number of messages to a broad audience. With a 98% open rate, this marketing channel is ideal for financial institutions, advertising and marketing companies, travel companies, B2B companies, agencies, and any type of company looking to create a customer list to reach or send them on a regular basis. One of the reasons why this type of communication is an effective means of marketing lies in the fact that more than 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. Evidently, there’s no other communication channel that can brag to have such a success rate!


Delaphone Limited provides a bulk SMS service to companies who are in search of a means to market their products, launch campaigns, run competitions, and also send notifications to their employees.

Similar to bulk SMS, our bulk voice messaging service operates in a similar manner. The only exception is the voice recording feature instead of text. Voice messaging allows for an effective emotive communication technique. Create responsive surveys and polls using call trees, generate leads, or gather insights and feedback from the general public using our crisp and distinct voice SMS service.


By using Delaphone’s bulk SMS and voice messaging service, your business will 

  • Cut down on communication costs by a significant fraction. Compared to traditional SMS or voice call which are both expensive especially for a business, subscribing to Delaphone’s bulk messaging service is a safer route to use. 
  • Automated messaging is less time-consuming, swift, and reliable. Contingent upon times when your call centre is out of service, voice SMS messaging for example can save the day. 
  • With bulk SMS and voice messaging, your customer’s accounts are safe with fast and secure user authentification using one-time PINs. If you want an efficient means of managing your customers’ complaints in real-time, you have to consider our Bulk SMS and voice messaging. 
  • Lastly, customers are more likely to remain content and gratified with your service when they feel sought after. 

Subscribe to our bulk services to keep your customers informed with relevant updates throughout their journey with you. Call +233 30 220 8046 or email us at to get a quote today!

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