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Remote Work Solutions


In the face of a rapidly evolving global health crisis, downtime isn’t an option. You need to ensure business continuity by providing your staff with the tools they need to work remotely. Delaphone provides affordable turnkey solutions that include:

  • Reliable dedicated Internet
  • Cloud based Call Center Software
  • Re-routing of both inbound/outbound office calls to mobile or remote locations
  • Private dedicated Conference Calling

Cloud Telephony Service

Your business needs a cloud telephony solution that delivers flexible features, functions, and value-without any compromise. Whether you are a smaller business, need enterprise scale, or you are somewhere in the middle, Delaphone is able to deliver a cloud telephony service tailored to suit your needs and budget.

With powerful and flexible customizability, our solution places the power to manage your business communication in your hands, without the need to create special infrastructure, to lay communication channels, and to buy expensive equipment. Features include:

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